The Indian Army's Fight Against COVID-19 Gains Momentum!

The Indian Army’s efforts towards the fight against COVID-19 have gained momentum in the Union Territory of J&K and Ladakh considering that the Pandemic has entered the sensitive phase.

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The Indian Army's Fight Against COVID-19 Gains Momentum!

Udhampur (J&K) :Indian Army’s efforts towards the fight against COVID-19 have gained momentum in the UT of J&K and Ladakh considering that the Pandemic has entered the sensitive phase. Surveillance and Control measures have been put in place and a number of innovative awareness programmes are being run by the field formations and units for the benefit of Populace, particularly in rural areas, Advisories by Medical Specialists on identification and precaution against Fomites has been issued to all in text and audio visual formats. Army personnel are being motivated to share the information with their families, friends and civil Populace in the area of their deployment.

At the unit level a dynamic and judicious approach has been adopted by all ranks of the Indian Army. A number of measures are being taken by the Indian Army to prevent the epidemic amongst its personnel so that Army personnel are available to do their primary task and to support the people in the fight against Corona. Troops returning from leave or out station duties directly report to the screening centre established at various transit camps.

After the medical screening they are being quarantined for 14 days in quarantine room established in the units. In the barracks to avoid congestion, distance between the beds has been increased, to avoid crowding in dining halls meals are served at staggered timings, Social distancing is being maintained, adequate hand washing points are in place.

A total of 17 helplines in the the two Union Territories of Ladakh and J&K for Awam have been established by the Troops of Northern Command. The Mobile Vehicle Check Posts that are usually deployed for Counter Terrorist operations are innovatively educating the populace on COVID-19 by way of audio broadcasts through loudspeakers & hailers.

While the aim of reinforcing the seriousness with regard to preventive measures against COVID-19 is being achieved, Army personnel are ensuring their own safety through series of precautions as laid down in protocol. Critical aspects such as ensuring Social Distancing, hand hygiene and use of face masks are spoken about, posters & banners are also being pasted at multiple places in in Urdu, Hindi & English.

Multiple advisories on social media including Audio Video Content has been posted using the Twitter handle of Northern Command and the same can be accessed by the awam. It is reiterated that the firm commitment of Northern Command in taking this fight forward is very well expressed in the newly coined mission “CORONA MUKT AWAM”. Northern Command of the Indian Army stands shoulder to shoulder with the Civil Administration of the UTs of J&K and Ladakh in these testing times.

The Indian Army as an organization are proactively taking all measures. Drills have been set in, which is the most important factor in containing the virus & to prevent any incident of corona virus. Should there be a situation to extend facilities to the civil administration, medical personnel and units are building their capacities non medical personnel are being taught to actively contribute to the care of patients and effort is on to enhance equipment holdings.

Strategy by the senior commanders is to pro actively initiate steps and not be able to aggressively act. Army personnel are ruthlessly following the social vaccine of "I will neither get infected nor will I infect others". These will go a long way towards protecting the protectors against the pandemic in the UTs of J&K and Ladakh and keeping them ready to undertake the big fight if the need be.


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