The Realisation of Collective Dreams: Sea and Coast

Shipping is considered to be one of the oldest professions, yet, how regularly does an average joe hear about the chronicles from the sea?

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The Realisation of Collective Dreams: Sea and Coast

In 2016, Amit Kumar, an eminent professional from the maritime fraternity, charted a course most other seafarers couldn’t even dream of—to create India’s top maritime media house. With nothing at his disposal but the sheer grit and desire to revolutionize maritime reporting, Kumar put his all into pooling together resources, and expertise to establish a media house, which later realised the goal it was intended to—become India’s top maritime media authority. And thus, Sea and Coast was birthed.

Sea and Coast Magazine
Cover of Sea and Coast, May 2020 edition 

At the Helm of a Revolution

Shipping is considered to be one of the oldest professions, yet, how regularly does an average joe hear about the chronicles from the sea? And even s/he does, it’s usually something grim like pirates hijacking a vessel or sinking of ships. Even those working in the industry had bare minimum exposure to the stories from the surface of the ocean. There were some international publications that rarely paid heed to local waters along with a handful of smaller not-so-credible publications and the rest was just sea-lore. And there was no common platform for dialogue of the sea-farers community.

Amit was quick to notice this gap and he took the plunge. His objective was simple, “Paying gratitude to the unsung marine community and the shipping industry”.  A media house catering to shipping industry, marine community and oil & natural gas industry was a long felt need in India. Amit believes the need of the hour is that the modern seafarer, who serves in this increasingly complex and commercial shipping environment, must be well-informed and entertained.

Miles Ahead

What gives Sea and Coast a decided edge over other maritime media houses is its high proficiency over subject matter, exclusive coverage of policy makers, and ability to bring all stakeholders of the industry on a common platform to deliberate and find solutions. Another key difference is their editorial board’s nimble nature and agile operations. They believe in questioning and also being questioned. “We encourage everyone, including readers, to report any concern they may have about the matters concerning safety or policy in order to continuously improve the editorial standards as well as the visibility,” says Amit, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Sea and Coast about their ingenuous attitude to changes.

Shore Up

Sea and Coast not just another magazine; it is India’s first and only magazine which covers Maritime, Shipping, Offshore, Oil & Gas, and Naval News. They’re also the official media partner of the National Maritime Foundation (top maritime think-tank) and have one of the most illustrious advisory boards with names like Admiral R K Dhowan (Retd). PVSM, AVSM, YSM, Former-Chairman National Maritime Foundation and Former Chief of the Naval Staff on it. (complete list at the bottom)

But these accolades are not what Amit does it for. He does it for the seafarer who goes on board for a long length of time, and is away from friends and family. “They carry it [the Sea and Coast magazine] with them in their bag packs, so that they can read those during the leisurely time at high seas and feel like there’s someone out there who is looking out for them,” says Amit with the pure mirth in his voice. Amit Kumar’s priority is to bring the maritime world together and encourage the adoption of best practices in the industry. To the dreamer—Amit, Sea and Coast is more than a media house; it is a realisation of collective dreams.

All Hands on Deck

Sea and Coast is taking up newer endeavours to bring the shipping community together like in September of 2019, the media house conducted a path-breaking seminar in Delhi themed ‘Maritime Safety and Harnessing the Blue Economy — Challenges and Opportunities for Maritime India’. The organization has a lot of other outreach programmes in the pipeline. The whole Sea and Coast Team is working extremely hard every day to connect the industry and bring the revolution they set out to.

The Sea and Coast vessel has just set sail. Their voyage has just begun and there’s a lot more water to cover. And nothing is going to anchor down the passionate Amit Kumar.

The Sea and Coast Advisory Board

  • Admiral R K Dhowan (Retd.), PVSM, AVSM, YSM, Former-Chairman, National Maritime Foundation; Former Chief of the Naval Staff
  • Dr. Malini V. Shankar (IAS), Chairman of National Shipping Board; Former Director General of Shipping Member: Board of Governors, World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden
  • Shekhar Mittal, (RADM) Ex-Chairman & Managing Director of Goa Shipyard; Rear Admiral(Retd.) Indian Navy
  • Dr. Arnab Das (cdr), Founder & Director, Maritime Research Centre (MRC); Pr. at the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune
  • Admiral Jayanath Colombage (Former Sri Lankan Navy Chief)—Admiral; Professor RSP, VSV, USP, RCDS, PSc, MSc, MA, Dip in IR, Dip in CR, FNI
  • Shekhar Dutt, Ex-governor of Chhattisgarh; former IAS Officer & Secretary in the Ministry of Defence(GOI); Former DY NSA
  • Dr. Sadanand Gupta, Deputy Collector, UP
  • Dr. Patrick Verhoeven, Managing Director, International Association of Ports and Harbor
  • Chirag Bahri, Director of Regions, ISWAN
  • Capt. Radhika Menon, India’s First Female Merchant-Navy Captain, and the World’s First Woman Captain to Receive an IMO Award and Suneeti Bala, India’s First Female Merchant-Navy Chief-Engineer
  • Eyal Pinko, CDR (Retd.) Maritime Cyber and Security Senior Consultant; Phd Candidate for Naval Strategy—Israel


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