Proving the Existence of God

A well researched opinion piece by eminent veteran Col. Pk 'Royal' Mehrishi (Retd) making a powerful argument on the existence of god.

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Proving the Existence of God


There is an anthropomorphic formula which seems to be working in many important, unvarying aspects of this Universe, which would have made the very existence of life impossible had it been even slightly different. Our ancient scriptures mention this as leela or interplay of manifest & un-manifest forces The ten main reasons to prove the existence of god & having undying faith & belief are:- The Solar system & the Earth, water, sunlight, air & soil, perception & frequency, sexual energy, ecological balance, the power of prayers, the people we meet, the uncertainty of life, self healing & rejuvenation

Solar System & Earth

Just look at the perfection of our Solar system. Planets going around in their fixed orbits around the Sun, suspended into nothingness, held in orbit because of the gravitational pull of the Sun. As we can analyze, the Earth is very fortunate, because it lies at just the right distance from the Sun to have moderate temperatures and abundant liquid water. The Sun provides the energy for plants to grow. There is plenty of oxygen in Earth's present day atmosphere and oceans, which means that life can survive on land and in the Earth's oceans. The Earth is unique in that it is the only planet we know of that has life.


The average temperature on Earth is a moderate 15 °C. Because of this, water can exist in liquid form on Earth. This is important because scientists think that liquid water is one of the key things needed for life. Venus has an average temperature of 464 °C and no liquid water exists on Venus because it is too hot. On Mars, the opposite is true. The average temperature on Mars is -63 °C and any water on Mars would be frozen. Earth is unique in our solar system as it is the only planet known to have liquid water on its surface and to harbour life.

If the Earth were too close to the Sun it would be too hot and all the water would evaporate from the oceans, like it has on Venus. If the Earth were too far from the Sun it would be too cold, and all the water would be frozen, like on Mars. Earth is at just the right distance from the Sun to have liquid water on its surface. The other planets in the solar system are either too close or too far from the Sun. The range of distances that a planet can lie from the Sun and still have liquid water on the planet's surface is called the habitable zone. Estimates for the habitable zone in our solar system range from 0.8 - 1.4 astronomical units (AU). The distance between Sun & the Earth is 1( AU)

Sunlight, Air & Soil

There is a constant nuclear fusion reaction taking place in the Sun, this releases energy because the new helium nuclei produced have slightly less mass than the four hydrogen nuclei used to make them. How can this be? Well, according to the famous scientist Albert Einstein, energy and mass are equivalent. Some of the mass in the hydrogen nuclei is converted and released as energy when the nuclei fuse to make helium. A very large amount of energy is released. This energy travels outwards from the Sun's core towards its surface. The energy eventually reaches the Sun's surface somewhere between 17,000 and 100,000 years later!

The Sun's energy then spreads out into the solar system in the form of heat and light. The surface of the Sun has temperatures upto 6500 degree Celcius the core is much more. Air on Earth comprises of 78.09%  nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Air also contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around 1% at sea level, and 0.4% over the entire atmosphere. Soils are complex mixture of minerals, water, air, organic matter, and countless organisms that are the decaying remains of once living things. It forms at the surface of land; it is the skin of the earth. Soil is capable of supporting plant life and is vital to life on earth.

Perception & Frequency

Human beings have about 50 trillion cells in their body. Each cell produces about 1.4 volts of electricity. All added up it amounts to about 70 trillion volts of electricity. This is what makes us alive & develop our own individual perception. The genes we carry in our body are a blue print nothing more. Whether we are reading the blue print or not reading it, this happens only by perception It is perception that makes us aware of who we are & what we are doing. If we change our perception we are altering our mind and when the mind is altered our body biology also undergoes a change. We must always try to harmonize our position as spectators and actors in the great drama of existence. Every particle, atom, molecule, living, nonliving entity is vibrating at a certain frequency.

The human ear can respond to minute pressure variations in the air if they are in the audible frequency range, roughly 20 Hz - 20 kHz. It is capable of detecting pressure variations of less than one billionth of atmospheric pressure. It is these vibrations of assorted frequencies which is the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva also known as tandav. Most of it invisible, indiscernible to human ear or eyes or the complete sensory perception. The realm of the intellect is to discriminate, divide, compare, measure and categorize. Unity of perception which does not strictly follow the realm of intellect can give a peek into the grand game of God, his leela. It is more intuitive than rational.

Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is one of the greatest motivational forces in life. Our sexual impulses control so much of what we do, how we act, and the choices we make. But if not properly harnessed, they can lead to great destruction. Besides procreation it also helps in passing on one’s genes to the next generation. Sexual energy, essentially, is the essence of creation; from the birth of all life, to the birth of passionate and artistic expression. For centuries humans have tried to channel this energy into more fulfilling areas and higher states of consciousness.

If sexual energy was innately bad (if it was? none of us would be here!). It is discouraged because it can be your strongest distraction, your worst enemy that takes away your attention from intensely pursuing your spiritual path of fulfillment. In the union of a single sperm cell & egg for forming a zygote with all primary, secondary & tertiary characteristics of the donor parents is the cosmic wonder of creation & continuity.

Ecological Balance

A food web (or food cycle) is the natural interconnection of food chains of what-eats-what in an ecological community. This balance by itself is very finely demarcated. The food web is divided into autotrophs & hetrotrophs. An autotroph or primary producer is an organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple substances present in its surroundings, generally using energy from light (photosynthesis) or inorganic chemical reactions (chemosynthesis). They are the producers in a food chain, such as plants on land or algae in water.

A heterotroph is an organism that cannot produce its own food, instead taking nutrition from other sources of organic carbon, mainly plant or animal matter. In the food chain, heterotrophs are primary, secondary and tertiary consumers, but not producers. Living organisms that are heterotrophic include all animals and fungi, some bacteria, and parasitic plants. There are about 87 lakh (rings a bell with the Hindu philosophy of 84 lakh  jyonis or Life forms) is the new, estimated total number of species on Earth -- the most precise calculation ever offered -- with 6.5 million species on land and 2.2 million in oceans. Announced by the Census of Marine Life, the figure is based on a new analytical technique. Can any human, by any stretch of imagination create such a fine eco system??

The Power of Prayers

As we know Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship  through deliberate communication. Perhaps the most ancient science in the world is mantra yoga. Like any other stream of science the sonic science of mantrascan be examined, explored, practiced and mastered. Proper incantation of mantras with sincerity & devotion can make an individual tap into frequencies offering higher bandwidth & speed thus elevating the consciousness for self healing & greater mental focus. Mantra Yoga is transformational, it can bring both material & spiritual well being.

The People we Meet

The debate on prarabdh (Destiny) & personal choice is a long drawn argument. In fact Life is interplay of both. According to karmic theory- karma can be categorized as sanchit( accumulated) vartmann (present) & agami ( future) which all add up to form an individuals prarabdh. Out of 7.7 billion people inhabiting planet earth, in your entire life cycle you will get to know only a few hundred as acquaintances, a lesser number as colleagues, still lesser as friends & a very limited number as close family . Intense, life changing experiences, are few & far between.

Some people because of their innate dynamic energy (physical/mental/spiritual) can bring change & transformation among the people around them. But a large majority of human beings have the tendency to fall back to their base line level of performance once these energies are no more around to guide/mentor/lead. Self transformation by observation (within & without) & practice with steely unwavering determination is the way forward to a God realized life.

The Uncertainty of Life

Each human being arrives on planet earth with an arrival date (Date of Birth) but the greatest irony of all existence is, no one knows his date of departure. Even the act of arriving (creation) is not self willed by that entity. There are roles & parts to be played (son/brother/uncle), duties to be performed (mother/father/teacher/guru) entire range & gamut of emotions to be felt (anger/ love/ hate/ fear/ happiness/ sadness) power, achievement & recognition to be pursued & also create a semblance of permanence ( house /car / material possessions) in a temporary world and yet often not realize the transitory nature of all living entities. Our emotional capital investment in our relationships adds richness to this tapestry of life. Finally to the five elements (earth, wind, water, light & ether) we return, leaving only memories behind !!

Self Healing & Rejuvenation

The human body if kept in alignment with the mind- body-spirit, has the power to self heal & rejuvenate. There is a constant repair & mend going on inside our tissues & cells. Self healing is like a gift that is given to humans. It happens only at times when a human is entirely relaxed and at peace. Rejuvenation, replenishment and healing come to us in times of dire need. A body is designed to heal and rejuvenate in times of suffering, pain and illnesses. But the body must be rested for that.

The body renews itself at varying paces. Just how long the cells in certain areas last depends on how much work they're asked to do. Red blood cells, for example, enjoy a quick life span of only about four months. Skin: The epidermis sees a fair amount of wear and tear, thanks to its role as the body's outermost layer of protection. These skin cells rejuvenate every two to four weeks. Hair: The body's natural fuzz has a life span of about six years for women and three years for men. Liver: The liver is the human body's detoxifier, purifying a wide variety of contaminants from our systems.

It's aided in the process by a constant blood supply and remains largely immune to damage from these toxins by renewing itself with new cells every 150 to 500 days. Stomach and Intestines: Cells that line the surface of the stomach and intestines have a difficult, short life. Constantly battered by corrosives like stomach acids, they typically last only up to five days. Bones: Cells in the skeletal system regenerate almost constantly, but the complete process takes a full 10 years. The renewal process slows down as we age, so our bones get thinner.


Considering all of the above mentioned scientific & extrapolatory  evidence there is no doubt in believing in the strong presence of God ( Supreme Being )  & the perfection in the order of things. Some more food for thought :-

Electro Magnetic Force ( EMF) – is 1039 times stronger than Gravitational Force. Had it been a little weaker say 1033 times or so, the stars would have been a billion times less massive & would have burnt out a million times faster.

Mass of Proton - The proton is about 1,836 times as heavy as the electron; nobody knows why? nature picked that particular number. The neutron is about the same as proton, to be exact only about 0.1% heavier. Any changes in this & the matter as we know will cease to exist in its original form.

Water – among all compounds ( h2o) is lighter in its solid state ( ice) than in its liquid state ,ice floats had it not been so, the oceans would have frozen from bottom up & in time the earth would have been entirely covered by ice.

Colonel  PK ‘Royal’ Mehrishi (Retd), an alumnus of the NDA, has been an active Infantry combat leader for 28 Years. A qualified clinical psychologist, he is a prolific writer, author of several books, a TV panelist and a motivational speaker. He is one of the foremost contributors to the 'Fauji India' magazine. In addition, he is a Harvard Business School product, certified in ‘Expert Negotiations’. He can be reached at Email:

Colonel Meherishi's other work can be found on:

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