Today's News in 5: June 5 (2020)

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Today's News in 5: June 5  (2020)


Google confirms cyber attacks on US Presidential campaigns
Director of Threat Analysis Group of Google, Shane Huntley, took to Twitter on Thursday, disclosing the state-based attacks that aimed to target both Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's presidential campaign staffers, following which Google confirmed the occurrence of phishing attacks. Donald Trump's campaign was targeted by Hurricane Panda, a Chinese outfit, otherwise known as Zirconium or APT31, while Biden's campaign was targeted by Charming Kitten, an Iranian agency, otherwise known as Newscaster or APT35. Both campaigns have been briefed on the security breach, but neither has shown interest in further discussion on the same.

Gavi, an Int’l Vaccine Alliance, Raises 8.8 billion USD
COVID-19 has disrupted the vaccine production and distribution agencies in around 70 countries all over the world, putting the lives of at least 80 million children at risk. Gavi, an international immunisation group, managed to raise 8.8 billion USD in a virtual meeting on Thursday, crossing their target of 7.4 billion USD. Gavi aims to make cheaper vaccines available to 300 million children globally, till 2025. India pledged 15 million USD and Bill Gates pledged 1.6 billion USD. Experts claimed that COVID-19 is using up all resources and we must be prepared for future threats to global well-being.

New Cases Push Pak ahead of China in COVID-19 Cases
4,688 new cases popped up in Pakistan in the last 24 hours, pushing Pakistan one position above the epicentre, China. Currently, the total number of COVID cases in Pakistan stands at 85,246, while China stands at 84,160 cases. A total of 1770 deaths have been recorded in Pakistan, with 82 in the last 24 hours. A silver lining could be the increased testing, as 20,167 tests were conducted during the last 24 hours alone. The head of the Planning Ministry of Pakistan is quick to respond with plans of an awareness campaign.

Fiji gives All-Clear to its Last COVID Patient
With the last COVID patient recovering fully on Friday, Fiji declared itself Corona-free, with a 100% recovery rate. Despite increased daily testing, no new cases have been registered for the last 45 days. A difficult milestone to achieve, Fiji has set an example on how to act swiftly through isolation measures and border control. The Pacific Islands lack adequate infrastructural resources and could have become an incubator of the pandemic, instead they've worked relentlessly to achieve the opposite.

China appoints new Lieutenant General for PLA during Indo-China Standoff
Lieutenant General Xu Qiling's appointment was publicly confirmed on June 1, to command the PLA (People's Liberation Army) Ground Forces, during the current India-China standoff that's already rigged with tense situations across the LOAC(Line of Actual Control). Lt. General Xu will be reporting to General Zhao Zangqi. This comes at a time when Lieutenant General talks are scheduled on June 6, to resolve issues. Former Indian Generals commented that this standoff is geographically spaced, with multiple instances, and seems to be more carefully planned.


Shashi Tharoor: PM’s Silence on Sino-Indo Tensions “Bizarre”
Former Diplomat and Congress Leader Dr. Shashi Tharoor calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the ongoing border tensions between India and China “Bizarre.” The political leader has urged the PM to reassure the nation pertaining to these developments, between the two militaries. This statement comes following both The United States and Russia’s concerns over the standoff at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

K’taka Earthquake was a False Alarm; Software Glitch
A scientific officer from the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre said that the reports of a 4.0 Magnitude earthquake in Hampi, was a false alarm as a result of a software glitch.

UP Teacher Earns 1 Crore Whilst Simultaneously Employed in 25 Schools; Govt Order Probe
The Uttar Pradesh state government has initiated a probe on a school teacher following reports of her earning rupees one crore in 13 months, whilst being allegedly employed in 25 schools simultaneously. The accused has been  identified as a Manipur resident and is presently still at large.

COVID-19: 62 Cases, One Death; Jharkhand Corona Count at 843
The state of Jahrkhand witnessed as many as 62 new Coronavirus cases with one fatality in the past 24 hours. “With this the total number of cases in the state has risen to 843. Meanwhile, 390 COVID-19 patients in the state have recovered, while six have passed away due to the disease,” said a statement from the state govt.

UPSC Civil Service Exam Dates Out
On Friday the Union Public Service Commission announced that UPSC Civil services preliminary examinations will be held on 4 October 2020. The Mains will be held on 8 January 2021.


Day after being Hit with Cyclone Nisarga, Mumbai Records Cleanest this Year
Mumbai recorded its best Air Quality Index (AQI) at 17 for this year on Thursday afternoon. It rose to 19 by evening. The lowest AQI for the year was recorded a day after the severe cyclonic storm Nisarga hit Maharashtra coast, bringing high-speed winds and washed away particulate matter (PM). The World Health Organisation safe limit of 25 µg/m3 for 24 hours and 60 µg/m3, the national safety standard for PM 2.5. The lockdown has also helped in keeping the city’s PM2.5 concentration below 60 µg/m3 since the last week of March.

COVID Centres in Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation Area face a Sanitation Crisis
Since June 1, around 80 contractual sanitation workers have lost their jobs, resulting in highly unhygienic conditions in the civic body hospitals. The Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) area, which has 900 coronavirus cases with 29 deaths is currently facing the burnt of this crisis. The VVMC is setting up one more Covid-care facility at Varun Industry premises for 1500 Covid-19 patients, but with the ongoing crisis of the Safai Workers management, residents  are questioning the civic body about its ability to manage the new facility.

Private Jet to Rescue Stranded Pets; Ride from Delhi to Mumbai to Cost Rs 1.6 lakh per Pet Passenger
An all pets private jet to rescue the stranded pets from Delhi to reunite them with their parents. The nationwide lockdown left innumerable people stranded due to suspension of all modes of transport. Several pet owners had to abandon their pets and leave for their hometown in an emergency. Entrepreneur Deepika Singh took the initiative to rescue these pets. So far the jet has been booked by four pets. “The cost per pet passenger is 1.6 lakh rs, it may get costlier if they do not find six pets” said Singh.

20% of India’s Cases in Mumbai but Daily Tests Frozen at 4,000 all of May
The central government and health experts have been pushing the country for aggressive testing. Mumbai accounts for 20 percent of the total nation’s cases. The city has a capacity to test conduct 10,000 tests every day. However, the city has tested between 4000 to 4,200 every day throughout the month of May even as the number of positive cases rose steadily. Experts underline that since most of the cases are asymptomatic aggressive testing is the only way to identify the people affected and isolate them.

Poor Little Rich Students on State CET Cell Scanner
Income certificates of 27 students who were granted seats under the economically weaker section quota for 2020-2021 academic year to go under re verification after they post photos of holidays abroad. The cell is acting on the complaints pointing to social media posts showing signs of foreign vacations and well-off positions of parents of these students on social networking sites. It has sought a report from the certificate issuing authority and has contacted the collectorates of 10 districts including Mumbai. The addresses of these students have been checked and their income certificates are to be verified by the collectorates. Their admissions however will remain untouched till the cell gets a report and action will be taken if only the certificates are found to be invalid.

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