Meet India’s Youngest Fiction Writer: 10-Year-old Karnav Rastogi

In the fourth part of the 21-part series called ‘21’, our subject is India’s Youngest Fiction Writer, Karnav Rastogi. Karnav is a 10-year-old kid with two books published under his name and more on the way

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Meet India’s Youngest Fiction Writer: 10-Year-old Karnav Rastogi

The Preface

There are numerous accolades people can gather in their finite time on earth. One of the most coveted ones, one that the most number of people eventually want to achieve is ‘Writing a Book’. Books have been dubbed man’s best friends, the greatest resources, history keepers and most believe that writing a book is a distinction only higher beings can accomplish. Being a published author is a matter of pride and comes with a lot of reverence. Many believe it takes a lifetime of knowledge and reading to be able to write one good book. Well, Karnav believes otherwise. He has written two already. And it may not sound like a big feat to some, but bear in mind, he is only a decade old.

The Premise

Karnav Rastogi is a 10-year-old with two titles to his name already. He is India’s youngest fiction writer. A 5th grader, Karnav, recently published his second book titled. He has earned many accolades at such a young age. The young turk had written his first book titled ‘Kartik & Mixie-2: A journey about jungle adventure.’ He wrote his first book at the tender age of 8. At this age when most kids start to get a hang of the language, this young prodigy published his first book called ‘Kartik and Mixie’.

Karnav has been conferred with several distinct honours.  India book of records and Universal Achievers Book of Records gave him the title of The Youngest Fiction Writer. He’s the recipient of The Youngest Author of India title by Indian Achievers’ Book of Records, and Future Kalam’s Book of Records. Karnav is also the youngest recipient of Pride of Indian Education Award. Along with his writing props, Karnav has been a speaker at numerous major literature festivals too.

The Muse

Speaking about what inspired him to write, Karnav said, “My father used to narrate stories to me every night which inspired me to create my own stories. I started writing my own stories based on my day-to-day observations like about my school, friends or any interesting incident that happened around me. I enjoyed writing so I continued writing and showed it to my parents. They liked my stories and decided to get it published as a book.”

The Conflict

There’s no story without a conflict. Young Karnav has had his fair share of challenges. He expressed, “I faced some challenges while writing my stories. Sometimes I used to get ideas but was not able to elaborate on it. Sometimes I was eager to write but due to exams I had to wait for a holiday to write. I play chess so sometimes I couldn’t complete my stories as I was out for tournaments. Due to all these challenges sometimes, I used to forget the thought and then later take longer time to complete my story.”

Karav’s Mantra for Success

I write stories as it makes me happy so I would say that do what you like the most and makes you happy. If you too want to write stories then read a lot of story books to get more ideas to write. Keep writing, it’ll help you complete your stories.

The Climax

The biggest challenge for most novice authors is to get a publisher on board. Karnav with his father’s help were able to crack the code and get publishers excited. The young achiever recounted how they mastered this feat, “My father met the publisher and showed him my work. He liked my work and decided to publish it. When I met him, he motivated me a lot to write and continue writing. After my first book was released, he even asked me about my plans for writing my second book.”

The Resolution

“I like writing, so I kept writing stories in my free time. After my book got published, it was launched on children’s day and after that I was invited by various schools for taking story writing workshops. I also participated in children’s literature festival like Kala Ghoda, Litventure, Andheri Literature Festival, R -City Art Festival and took workshops,” he said about his journey thus far.

“My parents are extremely proud and happy to see me writing and not wasting my time or playing games on the mobile phone. My friends call me an author and come to me to take help for their stories and few friends have even published their books after my book came out,” said the young turk with a tiny but puffed chest. He continued, “My school and teachers are very motivating and proud of me. They have even called me on stage and told about my achievements to all the students. All the teachers went through my book and praised me. Many classmates and teachers have bought my book and taken my autograph as well.”

Karnav’s Advice for Budding Writers

Read, read and read a lot! This will give you ideas. Elaborate on your idea by imagination then write your story. I believe that stories are all around us. You may write stories about things that happen around you. During exam or any important event don’t let your thoughts get lost. Write the idea in your notebook and when you get time, elaborate it and complete your story. Write as many stories as you like and then think of compiling it into a book.

The Epilogue

So the next time you think like there’s still more time for you to work on something. You’re not of age yet. Reconsider. After all, age is just a number. If your heart and mind are in the right place, then the only thing that’s left is taking that leap of faith and then keeping at it. I’ve always wanted to write my own book, I’ve always wanted to be one of these higher beings who even after they’re gone have a part of their soul left in the terrestrial world; like a horcrux (also picked that up from a book), but I’ve always felt like now is not the time. Karnav taught me that the only time there is, is now. I’ve started working on Chapter 1, have you?

About the 21 series:

On the 24th of March 2020 the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced a nation-wide lockdown for 21 days to fight the pandemic that is the Corona Virus. Citizens mustn’t leave their homes unless absolutely essential. This series aims to bring to the readers 21 positive stories through this 21-day lockdown. Something to inspire them to keep at it and come back out of this horrific tragedy stronger.

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