Corona Virus: Evil has some Good too

"You may not call Corona an evil anymore as it has united the families across the world. In a fast paced life of 21 at century, people had become strangers in their own homes. Corona has not only reintroduced family members to each other but it has also slowed down the pace of life."

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Corona Virus: Evil has some Good too

Covid-19 has spread to over 185 countries. More than 3 billion people or say almost 45% of global population, are  affected. Nations after nations are  going for lockdown and shut down. People have been imprisoned in the four walls of their  own homes. People, who had not seen their families for days and months were  now sitting face to face of each other. They are no more strangers to each other.

What more, Children do not have to call their fathers as “uncles” or mothers as “aunties."  They would now recognise them very well. This is an enforced “FAMILY REUNION.” Won’t you say, “Eureka I have found my lost family!” Hail, Corona!

In other words, you may not call Corona an evil anymore as it has united the families across the world. In a fast paced life of 21 at century, people had become strangers in their own homes. Corona has not only reintroduced family members to each other but it has also slowed down the pace of life. It has again created the emotional affinity amongst families, communities and polities .

They say that it was a “Chinese virus" or "Chinese evil." But we also know what Chinese Yin- Yang theory says. It implies that within strength lies weakness and vice versa. In other words, within “Good” lies “evil” and within Evil lies “Good."

Epic Ramayana gives a good analogy on this. When Ravan lay on his death bed; Lord Rama asked Laxman to go to him for important lessons of life. When Laxman protested, Lord Rama told him: RAVAN might be a bad man due to some of his acts but he was a well read man and an elderly person, who had known the world better than us .

Laxman went and stood at the head side of Ravan and Ravan did not respond . When Rama accosted him, Laxman told Rama as to where he had stood ? Lord Rama advised him to go and stand on the feet side of Ravan, which Laxman did . Ravan told Laxman  that Lord Rama succeeded because his brother Laxman was with him and Ravan lost because his brother Vibhushan had deserted him. This is why the origin of Hindi phrase: GHAR KA BHEDI LANKA DHAAYA  (Insider Destroys the Family) . This  was a naked truth , when one looks at Indian history. Fifth columnists led India to slavery.

Therefore Corona is doing some good too. Wise will learn their lessons. Let us see how it is doing a good .

Corona has brought families together. Parents have learnt the art of parenting. Children are learning as to how hard parents were working. In short families are learning the meaning of warmth in togetherness. Family love is being redefined.

Social ethos are being revitalised. Neighbours are getting to know each other better.  Social Responsibilities of neighbours are being redefined. Better cooperation and understanding is replacing the ghost - like, incognito living. Every one now will understand the meaning of love your neighbour.

Role of Police, Medicos, Suppliers of food and medicines, the garbage removers / collectors, etc are now being appreciated. Their difficult jobs are being properly appreciated. People now realise the importance of House maids; washermen, cooks, garbage collectors and street hawkers such as vegetable vendors . Restaurants and hotels realise the significance of their clients.

The Government was showing empathy and compassion to the jobless, helpless, underprivileged and unfortunate. All this leading to unity, understanding, fraternity in families, in the neighbourhood, villages, tehsils, districts, states  countries.

What is more important is the fall in the pollution level all over the world because of Lockdown and shutdown. Factories are not emitting polluting smokes and chemicals . Transportation has been brought to stand still. This has reduced smog . Blue skies, in Europe, are visible over areas which were always covered with smoke, haze and dust. It is a point for the consideration of WHO to work for a healthy climate and weather  in the world. Corona has shown that  it can be achieved, if carbon particles  emission can be reduced. Clean energy and clean air are must for healthy environs.

Corona has brought out human vanities in the fore front. It has brought out ethical and moral necessities for the survivability of human race. It also highlights the need for ethical boundaries for technological and scientific advances . It asks mankind to wake up lest it becomes extinct like Dinosaurs.

Colonel Rajinder Kushwaha is an ex-NDA, commissioned into the 3 Bihar Regiment in June 1971 and was the Commanding Officer of same unit in insurgency environs in Assam between 1990-93. Has vast experience in CI Ops from North East to Punjab and J&K and has held distinct appointments. He is a prolific writer-cum-critic on defence and security matters and a regular contributor at the renowned 'Fauji India' magazine. He has authored the book, 'Kashmir: A Different Perspective.' His second book on Assam, 'The ULFA Insurgency' was published in April 2018. His third book of short stories, 'Life in My Times,' containing tit bits on militancy and terrorism, is scheduled for release in March 2020. You may read Col. Kushwaha's further work at:

The views expressed are the authors own and do not reflect the editorial policy of 'The Watchdog News'

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